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Huntington Beach is a city in Orange County located in Southern California – it sits 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles – it features a beautiful 9 mile coastline and is famous for its incredibly surfing scene. It’s home to the International Surfing Museum and has a bustling tourism industry along the Huntington Beach Pier. Huntington Beach also has a prominent aerospace industry with Boeing, Zodiac Aerospace, and C&D Aerospace among the top employers in the area.

The current average home values in Huntington Beach currently sit at well over $1 million, making it an extremely desirable location to own or sell a home in Southern California. Homes usually sell for around the listing price and are, at present, often taking offers the day of or within 24 hours of listing. Huntington Beach is also home to the annual U.S. Open of Surfing which is the largest surfing competition in the world.


We’ve seen neighborhoods across the Long Beach, Anaheim, and Orange County area shift and grow with changing populations over our last 43 years in business. Huntington Beach is very much the same – we’ve helped buyers, sellers, and realtors with any escrow related services across the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area. We’re an independent Huntington Beach escrow company, meaning we don’t have any affiliation with a real estate brokerage. That means that the level of regulation at Anchor Seaport Escrow is considerably greater when compare us to non-independent escrow companies that have parent companies such as real estate broker, mortgage brokers, banks, title insurance companies, and savings and loans companies. The business types listed above have varying levels of regulation and vary depending on the regulating body. Because of our independence and specialization in nothing but escrow we pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of our work and strive to ensure its accuracy. At Anchor Seaport Escrow our mission is to ensure the fair, equitable, and accurate transfer of property from one party to another. For further information about how we can fulfill all of your escrow service requirements, please contact us HERE today.