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Lakewood is bordered by Long Beach and located 23 miles southeast of America’s second-most populous city, Los Angeles. Lakewood is comprised of area codes 90711 through 90716 and 90805. It is home to Lakewood Center, one of the largest retail shopping malls in the country, as well as the first Denny’s Restaurant. Lakewood is considered a pioneer in zoning legislation to protect residential neighborhood home values and one of the most diversifying cities throughout the United States.

A post-second world planned community, Lakewood broke records in the building of homes in the early 1950s. A new house was completed every seven and a half minutes, and the city quickly grew to a population of 70,000. Today the housing market is competitive, with a median sale price of $670,500, which is nearly a 13% increase year-over-year. Lakewood boasts an array of regional attractions for locals and visitors alike: the Lakewood Farmers Market, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the Long Beach Museum of Art, to name a few.


As with all neighborhoods surrounding Long Beach, the population is shifting and expanding: Lakewood falls along those lines. We have supported those in the home buying and selling process with a higher level of regulation as an independent escrow company in Lakewood. Our independence of parent companies allows us to offer escrow specialization and deliver a high standard of client care. At Anchor Seaport Escrow, we are devoted to providing encouragement and reassurance to buyers, sellers, and realtors as an independent escrow company in Lakewood. To work with our committed team with your next escrow service, contact us HERE today.