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Long Beach is one of the largest cities within California, ranking as the seventh largest metropolitan area. It constitutes one of the major economic engines of the California economy and is, without competition, the second busiest seaport in the United States. The Long Beach port is the pillar of over 30,000 jobs within Long Beach and has delivered a total 316,000 jobs throughout the Southern California area. When examining the Long Beach port’s economic impact as a whole, it supports over 1.4 million various jobs throughout the entire United States. The port is also responsible for $16 billion annually in trade-related wages throughout the US.

The economic success of the Long Beach metropolitan area has led to an increase in property value and price throughout the area, thus increasing the importance of having a reliable Long Beach escrow company. The average income per household for the city of Long Beach is $118,280 making the area’s workforce 88.41% white collar despite the blue collar presence of the port. The median value of a house in the city is $481,700 with 55.26% of housing constituting family households. Within city limits there are 10,091 units, 8,686 of which are owner occupied or rental properties. The median year of the total structures built is 1957, but the newer the house the more value is added. Newer built homes and structures added an average home value of $194,000.


At Anchor Seaport Escrow we’ve seen Long Beach evolve and boom in population over the past 40 years in business. In that time we’ve helped countless buyers, sellers, and realtors with all of their escrow related needs. Anchor Seaport Escrow is an independent Long Beach escrow company, meaning we are not affiliated with any real estate broker. That also means that our level of regulation as an independent escrow company is much higher when compared to escrow companies controlled by real estate, brokers, mortgage brokers, banks, savings and loans, and title insurance companies. These types of companies fall under the purview of organizations such as the DRE and RESPA. Because of our high standards, independent nature, and specialization in escrow only we are able to ensure the fair and equitable transfer of property from one party to another. For more information about how we can help fulfill your escrow service needs, contact us HERE today.