Are you struggling to find an accurate, reliable, and independent escrow company in Los Alamitos? Buyers, sellers, and realtors need look no further than Anchor Seaport Escrow – in business for over 43 years.


Los Alamitos is located in Orange County, California, and was founded in March of 1960. Rossmoor is included in the purview of Los Alamitos but is not a part of the city itself. The population in Los Alamitos is around 11.5k. This attractive neighborhood is home to attractions such as the Navy Golf Course and the San Gabriel River Bike Trail. The largest employer in the city is the Los Alamitos Medical Center with 1,100 employees, while Arrowhead Products comes in second with 515 employees. The average home value in Los Alamitos is well over $1.2 million and appraisals are continuing to grow. All of these factors make Los Alamitos a highly desirable and competitive real estate market. We’ve worked with countless home buyers, sellers, and realtors in the Los Alamitos and Rossmoor neighborhoods and can ensure a smooth transfer of property from one party to the other.


We’ve been in business for over 43 years which means we’ve seen many neighborhoods across Orange County shift, develop, and grow with changing populations and economies. Los Alamitos has seen an incredible surge in home ownerships, development, and increasing values over the past decade. Anchor Seaport Escrow has helped sellers, buyers, realtors, and third-parties across Orange County with all of their escrow-related needs and concerns. We pride ourselves on being an independent Los Alamitos escrow company which simply means we lack association with a real estate brokerage or third-party organization or entity. As a result, we are held to a high standard when compared to the regulatory laws restricting non-independent escrow firms that fall under parent companies or encompass just one real estate brokerage. Escrow companies that are controlled by mortgage brokers, loan companies, banks, savings companies, and title insurance companies all have their own varying set of regulating bodies. We specialize only in escrow and take great pride in the quality of our work as a result – we focus on accuracy as well as strict regulatory compliance. At Anchor Seaport Escrow our mission is to ensure the fair, equitable, and accurate transfer of property from one party to another. For further information about how we can fulfill all of your escrow service requirements, please contact us HERE today.