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Signal Hill is a city located within Los Angeles, California, and is surrounded by but separate from Long Beach. The city was incorporated in 1924 after oil was discovered. Signal Hill is an attractive neighborhood home to such landmarks as Hilltop Park among smaller parks such as Calbrisas Park, Hillbrook Park, Panorama Promenade, Raymond Arbor Park, Sunset View Park, and Temple View Park. The average home value in Signal Hill is 475k and there are an average of 19 homes sold in the city annually. This makes Signal Hill a competitive and desirable real estate market prompting the utility of a specialized Signal Hill escrow company.


Having been in business for over 43 years, we’ve seen neighborhoods across the Long Beach area develop, shift, and grow with changing populations during our decades of operation. Signal Hill has seen an equally great surge in home ownership and development – we’ve helped sellers, buyers, and realtors with any number of escrow related needs across the great Long Beach and Los Angeles area. We are proud to be an independent Signal Hill escrow company, meaning we lack any affiliation with a real estate brokerage or other third-party entity. As a result, the level of regulation at Anchor Seaport Escrow is held to a high standard when compared to non-independent escrow firms that have parent companies that encompass real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, banks, loan companies, savings companies, and title insurance companies. All of those business types fall under varying levels of regulatory bodies which varies depending on the company type. Because of our specialization in only escrow, we can pride ourselves on our high quality of work, its accuracy, as well as our strict regulatory compliance. At Anchor Seaport Escrow our mission is to ensure the fair, equitable, and accurate transfer of property from one party to another. For further information about how we can fulfill all of your escrow service requirements, please contact us HERE today.