Are searching for the most accurate, reliable, and independent escrow company in Sunset Beach or Huntington Beach? Buyers, sellers, and realtors look no further than Anchor Seaport Escrow – in business for over 43 years.


Sunset Beach is an attractive neighborhood within the city limits of Huntington Beach, California. It sits within the larger area of Orange County. The town itself was established in 1905 and was built around the discovery of oil near Huntington Beach. In 2010, Huntington Beach annexed Sunset Beach making it a part of the larger city. The community is home to a number of popular small businesses as well as the Sunset Beach Art Festival, held annually. Neighboring Bolsa Chica State Beach, Sunset Beach is coveted for its natural beauty and expansive beach fronts. The average home value in the neighborhood is nearly $2 million, with values rising annually. According to certain real estate forecasts, values in Sunset Beach could increase over the coming year by as much as 8.7%. All of these factors make Sunset Beach an extremely competitive and highly valuable market. Anchor Seaport Escrow has worked with many buyers, sellers, and realtors in the Sunset Beach neighborhoods and within Huntington Beach as a whole. With so many years in business, we can ensure a smooth transfer of property from one party to another.


Anchor Seaport Escrow has been operational for over 43 years, which has given us the advantage of seeing neighborhoods across Huntington Beach and Orange County develop over the decades. We understand the shifts in population and local economies, as well as the importance of reliable local real estate knowledge and experience. Sunset Beach has seen incredible growth as far as home value, home ownership, and new home development is concerned. We’ve helped sellers, buyers, realtors, and many other third-parties across the area with an array of escrow needs. We take pride in being an independent Sunset Beach escrow company. By definition, we are distinctly separate from any real estate brokerage or other third-party organization or entity. Due to this fact, we are held to a high standard when compared to the regulatory laws of non-independent escrow firms that fall under the purview of parent companies or encompass just a single real estate brokerage. Escrow companies that are controlled by loan companies, mortgage brokers, banks, saving companies, and title insurance companies all have their own different sets of regulating bodies. Our specialty is in escrow only and we take great pride in our work as a result. Our focus is on accuracy and strict regulatory compliance. At Anchor Seaport Escrow our mission is to ensure the fair, equitable, and accurate transfer of property from one party to another. For further information about how we can fulfill all of your escrow service requirements, please contact us HERE today.